Reward Yourself, You Deserve It!

I spent the last couple of weeks updating my 2009 business plan for the balance of the year. I reviewed the goals and objectives I had laid out, and evaluated the progress even setbacks that I have made. Though some big goals were missed, there were other smaller goals that were not only achieved, but were exceeded far beyond my expectations.

I spent time identifying the challenges and constraints that caused me to miss those goals. I made notes of solutions or alternative directions I could have taken (don’t you love 20/20 hindsight?).  But then, more importantly, I made a commitment to myself to celebrate the small accomplishments I had made as I was quite proud of them; my branding messaging was receiving compliments and inquiries from prospective clients. The newsletters, articles and blog entries that we distributed had new readers/subscribers, and businesses signing up. Speaking engagements and coaching programs are on the rise due to the productive, focused and exhausting networking that we were doing.

There was a lot to celebrate, and that is when it hit me. Although I work hard to ensure my clients were rewarding themselves and their accomplishments, I was not doing the same thing for myself. Each week or month as I worked with focus and purpose to plan and execute on my goals, I was not taking the time to celebrate achieving them, not even with a simple pedicure, new shoes, dinner out, or a new blouse. And if I was not doing it, I began to think that a great deal of you may not be either.

My coaching tip for the week:

  • Set your goals each week/month
  • Define yourself a reward for accomplishing them
    • consider what small or large reward would really motivate you to work hard on that goal
  • Pursue those goals with a single minded focus and determination
  • Measure and assess your progress beginning, during and at the end of your timeline
  • Reward yourself for the goals accomplished (no matter how small).

Life is short and we all work way to hard to not stop and celebrate even the smallest of achievement. Reward yourself, you deserve it!

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