General introduction to CNA training in Portland Oregon

Since employment has been drastically reduced in America, CNAs have largely taken the limelight. In US, Portland Oregon, nursing posts often go vacant so choosing to be a certified nursing assistant can always be promising. People will always be having health problems, and thus the medical field’s scope will never be narrowed. A CNA takes care of the nursing of a patient, and usually works with other registered nurses. CNA is a very flexible profession as anyone from any field can join it. All you need is a high school diploma or a GED. The courses are short and quite easy, and the earning is also enough.

You also have a lot of options to choose from like night classes and online classes. Online CNA classes are becoming popular these days due to their convenience. They can be taken at home, they cost less, and they are shorter. But the catch with online classes is that they don’t just finish at home; you will still have to go to the hospital to get some practical training before your course is regarded complete. CNA is also one of the easiest ways of entering the medical profession. These courses may be offered at community colleges or other medical homes. There are very high chances of you being offered job at the same medical home where you take your course.

Usually, CNA courses will last from 75-150 hours. The federal law requires at least 75 hours of training whereas each state is allowed to add to up to that minimum requirement. After completing the course, one will need to attain a license and certification. For that one will have to take a Competency Evaluation Check. This check includes two tests: written test and clinical test. The written test is designed to evaluate the theoretical knowledge of the basic nursing skills, and the clinical test is designed to test the practical nursing skills of the nurse. One will have to pass both the exams in order to gain certification. If not, then one can reappear for the exam for two more times. But if one fails in all the three attempts, one will have to take the CNA course once again to qualify for the next exam in the following year. Even if one gets a license, one will have to take the exam in every two years to renew the license.

CNA training Portland Oregon specifics

In Oregon, CNA classes are classified into two levels: CNA1 and CNA2. There are two main colleges in Portland from where you can easily get training as well as certification.

Portland Community College (PCC):

It is one of the biggest educational institutions in Oregon for all subjects. It has various centers throughout the state, especially in the northwest region. For CNA1, it offers a 150-hour course. The course comprises of 75 hours of theoretical work and 75 hours of lab studies. The best part about PCC is that they offer maximum classes in a week, and hence the course finishes sooner.

In Oregon, CNA2 courses are divided into dementia care, restorative care and acute care. PCC only offers CNA2 acute care course. The duration of this program is 64 hours: 40 hours theoretical and 24 hours’ lab work. To qualify for CNA2 courses, one will already need to have an Oregon CNA1 license. You will not get a new license after completing the CNA2 course. In fact, PCC will itself submit the documents to the state board for further license verification.

Clackamas Community College:

It is another large college in Oregon that offers both CNA1 and CNA2 courses. The CNA1 courses are almost of the same type as that of PCC. But Clackamas takes only 18 students for a class, and thus increasing the quality of education. The other following processes are the same. However, the CNA2 course is different from PCC. It includes more of lab work i.e. 44 hours and lesser theoretical (only 20 hours).

Whichever college you choose, make sure that it is state-certified. There are numerous choices for CAN training in Portland Oregon.  If it is not, all your hard work and money is going to go waste. So, make sure you do your part of the research before you join any class. And most importantly, give your best in the classes. Your future is in your hands.

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