Coaching Tip of Day – Stop making excuses for your procrastination!

If you could read this comic from Dilbert you would get a chuckle from the beating corporate executives take for their lack of competency, and for the typical procrastination that exists in corporate businesses.

But they are not alone. Not at all. I hear about it everyday, every day! Seriously, at least once a day someone asks me or tells me about their lack of focus, motivation, and energy, due to their own self-afflicted procrastination, as if they are the only one in this vast work that is dealing with it. I always have to giggle (to myself of course) at how silly that it. But they are so self-consumed, they only see the impact to themselves.

Let me tell you, there is not one of us that can say we have not fell victim to procrastination, regardless of how experienced, expert, or successful we are. There is many times we just wake up, get involved in our life and work, and something comes along that distracts us. It could be the phone, email, boredom, exhaustion, office noice, lack of focus, uncertainty, anxiety, employees, bad mood, the television, Twitter, You Tube, your dog, your quiet office, fear,………… I could go on and on and on and on about the things that could cause anyone, everyone, to procrastinate at one time, or many times during the day, month, life:)

The key to procrastination? Recognition of it.

You need to admit to yourself that the one or many of the above situation, okay I will say it, excuses is what is causing you to procrastinate. Once you admit and recognize it, you can then:

  • decide to play it out
  • decide to confront it
  • work to determine the underlying reason or issue
  • decide to not allow it to impact you

The key is to recognize that there is a barrier or constraint to what you are doing or needing to do, and why you are not doing it.  This requires you to be fully honest and aware, and decide for yourself that you want to overcome it, therefore you will face it and deal with it.

Procrastination happens to all of us. The difference though between many of us? There are those who wallow in it and allows it to negatively impact it. Then there are those that recognize it, consider the reason/constraint or issue for it, and then works to overcome it, so they can get back on track with what they need to get done.

That latter group are also people that most often very self -aware, focus on personal development, set goals for themselves, and perservere to success, no matter what the challenge.

Be part of the latter group….. procrastinate when you need to. Just get it done, admit to the cause, acknowledge and address it, and move on….. you have big goals, you need every minute you have to achieve them.

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