Business Owners, Secure Your Assets Now or Lose Them!

Fellow business owners, if you have not already gotten the message regarding the furious rise of business theft, let me bring it up to you. It is costing you and the country billions and it is due to only get worst.

Today, businesses are not only taking a hit due to job losses, financial instability, and the lack of supply and demand.  Businesses are being hit by thieves, both external and internal, that are after your business assets or cash creating even greater loss than what you are losing at the cash register.

 Thieves of all types are hitting businesses directly from their cash drawers, physically through glass front facing or front and back doors, stealing inventory supplies, and even moving money from banking accounts. They are taking everything they can carry, fit into a car, or pass through a bank account in a matter of minutes. And it does not matter what type of business it is, for example bars, restaurants, clothing stores, print shops, electronic stores, banks, and any other business that have valuable assets or cash.

ADT provides the following statistics that every business owner (and individual) should be aware of:

  • Shoplifting occurs 380 to 440 million times yearly
  • Shoplifting costs businesses $9.5 to $11 billion annually
  • More than $3.78 billion in theft in 32 U.S. retail companies in 1999
  • There are 1 to 1.2 million shoplifting incidents everyday
  • $30 Billion in profit is lost yearly to theft and error.
  • Theft occurs every four seconds
  • A burglary occurs in this country every eight seconds.
  • 7% of retail loss is due to vendor left.

 Your call to action Business Owners is to secure your businesses now before thieves strike you, creating greater loss than just slow business. There are options that span typical door and window sensors, glass breaks and alarms, video surveillance and access control.

Act now! If you have a security company Agent, contact them today to ensure you have the proper security coverage for your business. If you do not have one, contact Frank Leff, Small Business Sales Representative of ADT at 404.316.7886 or email at

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